JesuitScholar.comThe Moodle site is a place for people connected around Jesuit education to form various groups that help support their ministry of education. If you have a particular group that you would like to have created please email Fr. Anthony Borrow, S.J.

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    Land and Liturgy

    Vatican Observatory Grade 1

    Use this space to discuss ideas, share resources, ask questions and otherwise collaborate on topics pertaining to our common ministry of campus ministry within the Archdiocese of Houston/Galveston. If you have any suggestions, questions or problems using this space please email Fr. Anthony Borrow, S.J.

    This is an area where Cristo Rey Network Campus Ministers can chat and share ideas.

    Test course for Kisha

    This course is used to help students collaborate as they prepare for the the comprehensive exam.

    This course is created to help JST-SCU students stay in touch and collaborate and share resources. This is particularly helpful when alums are working in similar apostolates (high schools, parish, etc.); however, there can also be grouping around special topics or areas of interest. Please do not hesitate to let Anthony Borrow, S.J. know how the course can be better adapted to suit your needs. Peace - Anthony
    This are is simply a way to keep up with one another and sharing whatever resources might be helpful. Peace - Anthony
    Contribution of Interfaith Dialogue to Peace Building by Fr. Thomas Michel

    Sponsored by: Pacifica Institute, the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, and the Center for Islamic Studies at the Graduate Theological Union
    Welcome to FTST-2336 Canon Law!
    Welcome to CE2523 - Ethics and Spirituality of Pastoral Ministry!
    Welcome to Modern Christianity!
    Welcome to Field Education 1150! The course that keeps on going, and going, and going (like Eddie, Eddie - our own little energizer bunny.
    Welcome to Sociology of Religion
    Welcome to Coping with Immeasurable Suffering
    HS-2498: Church History to 1400 (Donovan)

    DADYO seeks to provide opportunities for students to promote understanding of issues concerning all aspects of diversity in order to break down prejudices, celebrate individual differences, and unify our communities.  It is made up of students from ESD, Greenhill, Hockaday, Jesuit, Parish Episcopal, St. Mark's, & Ursuline.

    For those interested in discussing primary education (K-8) including nativity schools